Our Story

   Meet Founder Crystal Hermanson   

Hey, I'm Crystal the founder and visionary of Just Rollin'. I'm a Helena native with BIG dreams and a BIG mobile business. I was born to be an entrepreneur and I love small business. It's been a dream of mine to start a mobile bar business and one day that dream came true! 

I had been sharing my vision with my family and friends.  Some doubted and some supported.  And with the doubt came motivation to create Just Rollin'.

I'm passionate about giving people an unforgettable experience. My hope for Just Rollin' is to help bring people together and create lifelong memories. Are you ready to bring Beatrice to your next event?



Hey there, I'm Beatrice!  A brand new customized lounge on wheels; fully equipped with a 10 cu.ft. fridge, a 7 cu.ft. freezer and sink on board.


My bones are 50 years old, as I was found run down in Sheridan, MT; however after some "cosmetic" surgery I've upgraded myself to look brand new. The last couple years has taken its toll on me, but the new and improved me is ready to create new lasting memories. I'm ready to be taken out on the town again and live my best life. 


I've been polished up and am ready to hit the road!


Hi, I'm Beatrice